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Natural Growing Pivot

Artist: Sophia Angbao
Material: Mixed Media (polymer clay, acrylic paint, wool, found objects, wood, fabric)
“Natural Growing Pivot” is inspired by opening the doors to the next chapter of my practice. I’ve been stuck in a rut figuring out what direction I want my artistic career to go in.

This piece has helped me to slow down and collect my thoughts. I’ve put on display the skills I’ve gained through the educational university chapters of my life. Before entering the Textile program I painted, sculpted, and worked with wire armature. From the Textile program I learned how to dye my own fibres, spin yarn, knit, crochet, felt, and work with various fabrics. All the previous listed techniques and materials are displayed along with the tools that were used to knit and crochet my handspun yarn in this piece.This work is to help show me the beginning of where I’m going to go with all the various skills I have learned to love working with.”


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