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Black Lives Matter New Brunswick is leading the way in creating societal impact!
Here are some of the great things we have done.

December 2022

Black Lives Matter New Brunswick (BLMNB) and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD) teamed up to launch a new permanent collection for the BLM offices based in Saint John. Black visual artists who were post-secondary students or alumni from across the province, were invited to submit works on the theme of
Resistance – Affirmation – Knowledge.
Pieces selected from this call now form the new permanent collection of the Black Lives Matter New Brunswick organization.Selected artists received an honorarium of $1000 and their work will be documented and displayed in the Saint John Office for a minimum of three years.

THEME: Inspired spaces fuel inspired action. When surrounded by works of art made by, for, and with your community, the impact can be transformative. By shifting blank walls into galleries that reflect shared experiences and shared passions, folks who enter this space feel welcomed, engaged, challenged and energized. The project's aim was to also honor the creative power that exist in Black Minds, Black Hands and Black Spirit.

May 2022

The Government of Canada announced of $2 million in funding, investing in crime prevention projects targeted at youth and more specifically to also work with at-risk Black youth and their families to ensure these young people find positive pathways in life.

Black Lives New Brunswick (BLM NB) was selected by the Government of Canada as one of the collaborating partners in New Brunswick to assist up 200 Black youth, in a variety of areas including personal well-being, health, post-secondary attainment and family cohesion support.


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