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Black HAIRitage

Artist: Norelice Mboutou
Material: Digital Art printed on canvas
"Black hair heritage is a rich and complex topic that encompasses concepts such as resistance, affirmation, and knowledge. Resistance is ingrained in the history of black hair. For centuries, black people have fought against Eurocentric beauty standards that sought to suppress and denigrate their natural hair textures. From the 20th century's racialized "pencil test" to more recent examples of discrimination in schools and workplaces, black people have fought against a system that sought to devalue and marginalize them based on their hair.
Affirmation is another important aspect of black hair heritage. Black people have reclaimed and celebrated their natural hair, refusing to conform to oppressive beauty standards in favour of celebrating the diversity and beauty of black hair in all its forms. From the 1960s and 1970s "Afrocentric" movement to today's popularity of natural hair and locs, black people have used their hair as a powerful symbol of self-love, pride, and cultural identity.
Understanding and appreciating black hair heritage requires knowledge. This includes understanding the historical and cultural significance of black hair, as well as how racism and discrimination continue to shape the lives of Black people today. Reading, attending events, engaging with the Black community, and listening to the stories of Black people themselves are all ways to gain this knowledge.”


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