Black Lives Matter New Brunswick offers a wide variety of programs, services and educational classes/teachings that support our mission and vision.


Youth Outreach Program
Skills for Success


Black Lives Matter New Brunswick in partnership with:
New Brunswick African Association
Nigerian-Canadian Association of New Brunswick
Atlantic Equity and Research Alliance
John Howard Society of New Brunswick (Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton and Miramachi branches)

Youth Opportunity Program
Age group: 12-15 & 16-24 years‍‍

Main Purpose

  • To promote the welfare and well-being of Black community members and their families within New Brunswick

  • To promote equal opportunities for Black community members

  • To oversee the performances and improvement of Black community members in our educational system

  • To assist Black community members in gaining employment

  • To build future leadership in the youth of today


  • To provide youth with the resources and tools in addressing the systemic inequalities that criminalize Black community members

  • Assess and identify opportunities, resources, and materials that provide youth resilience and enhance key decision-making skills


  • Enroll youths that are interested in film productions and creative arts into our Film Productions and creative Media Arts programs – Located in Miramichi, New Brunswick

  • Assist youth in gaining employment that match their skills set

  • Provide strong school supports, resources and connections to school activities for youth

  • Liaise with teachers to assist youth in meeting educational requirements

  • Provide basic tutoring and refer youth for advanced tutoring needs

  • Provide opportunities to portray a more favorable image of youth like them Provide mentorships and assist youth in coping with harassment and  racism




Are you ready to build a career in a fast growing field?
Are you creative, have an eye for detail, and like working with your hands?
Are you a Black or racialized person?
Have you thought about a career in carpentry!
Recruitment has begun for BLMNB’s Skills for Success program!

What is the Skills for Success program?

BLMNB’s Skills for Success program will provide you with the proper training and skills to begin your career in Carpentry.

This 16 Week program will provide you with 2 weeks of essential math training, 12 weeks of in-class training to teach you all the necessary skills, followed by 2 weeks of on the job training. The results of your 16 weeks of training will see you indentured into the carpenters union, registered with the Province as an Apprentice, and on the pathway to earning your Red Seal!


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